Actron Air – Designed For Perth’s Climate

At Infiniti Air, we take climate control seriously. We take pride in offering the best air conditioning units in Perth that are compatible with your home and environment. As such, we exclusively supply and install Actron Air – the only Australian system designed and manufactured to excel when the mercury soars above 40°C during Perth’s dry summer scorchers.

Featuring Variable Fan Speed and Smart Zoning technology, Actron Air air conditioning systems offer exceptional Energy Smart Performance (ESP) and effortless control. Adjust fan speeds at will and enjoy the freedom of isolating zones to keep comfortable wherever and whenever. They’re also whisper quiet and feature top discharge design (instead of the common side discharge) that effortlessly pushes air upwards to keep those running costs low.

Our Actron Air air conditioning units are available in different models (2.5kw – 200kw):

  • Actron ESP Plus – up to 60% more efficient
  • Actron ESP Platinum – up to 75% more efficient

Actron ESP Platinum uses German engineered Danfoss compressors, specifically created for Actron Air to deliver optimal climate control in large houses. The compressor gives you the freedom to turn down your system to use only 10% of its capacity, allowing you to select one bedroom or outlet at a time for pure efficiency.

The Benefits of Actron Air Air Conditioning Systems

Heating and cooling for year-round comfort in Perth
The ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is a complete system that can be used all year round. Even better, this type of air conditioning eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling units or systems. Homes with this type of system are more energy-efficient, and can save homeowners money on maintenance, repairs, and operational costs. A full range of systems, developed to withstand the extreme Australian climates, has been created and manufactured over the past thirty years by Actron Air.

We stock a range of Actron Air models to suit every Perth home
The right air conditioning model depends on the needs of the family, the number and size of rooms, and whether it’s a single or multiple storey home. The classic Actron ESP system, for example, allows occupants to keep the entire home at a consistent temperature, or select different temperatures over zones. The system can have as few as three zones, but also as many as eight, depending on the house size. It is easy to operate via a wireless wall controller. A high-efficiency fan provides energy savings, as well as quiet starts and stops. For houses with tight roof spaces, this Actron Air air conditioning model is also available with a two-piece fan coil.

Variable fan speed – smart energy zoning
The ESP Plus has the added feature of energy smart zoning. The capacity adjusts from ten percent to one hundred percent through advanced air flow control. Not only does this provide maximum comfort, but it also reduces energy costs. A three-speed fan is more efficient than one speed, which adds to efficiency and cost savings. The controller for this Actron Air model can be programmed to automatically alter the temperature at different times throughout the day.

Individual zone control
As the next air conditioning unit in the series, the ESP Ultima allows family members to maintain different rooms at different temperatures simultaneously. For example, the basement can be set at a lower temperature than the first floor. This system has eight zones as a standard feature, which extends energy savings and caters to more individual needs.

Award-winning efficiency
The ESP Platinum unit utilises advanced technology to save up to seventy five percent of traditional energy costs. The controller has several more programmable capacities than other systems, so temperatures can be set on a seven-day cycle at various hours during a twenty-four-hour period. The hot air is vertically discharged from the outside compressor unit, which improves the performance of the system and contributes to the savings.


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Actron Air warranties At Infiniti Air, were extremely confident our workmanship and Australian products, ducting and vents will stand up to Perth’s demanding climate. We endorse the standard Actron Air warranties, and ramp them up by guaranteeing our precision installation.

  • 5 years on parts + labour
  • 5 years on zones + labour
  • 2 years on Wi-Fi

Come visit the Infiniti Air showroom in Malaga and talk to us about what you’re looking for in an air solution.

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