Check Out the 10 Benefits of Classic Ducted Air Conditioner

With Classic Ducted System your home will remain cool in summer and warm in winter. This system is built to withstand the hottest and coldest conditions of Australia’s climate. Its unique comfort control functionality allows your family to live better all throughout the year.

Designed to convey better comfort with better control, to warmth or cool your entire house, or only a couple of spaces at the tip of your fingers. With excellent ActronConnect features, you can control your Classic system using your mobile devices, or laptop anywhere you are in your house, or even on your way home from work.

Click play on the video and we’ll explain the important factors to consider when deciding on the right air conditioning system for you.


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Key Benefits of Classic Ducted System

Advanced Capacity

Classic ducted system sustains 85% more capacity at 46°C than conventional inverter systems.

Great Performance

Designed for Australia’s Homeowners – Developed with a superior operating range of -10°C to 50°C, the Classic ducted system is perfectly designed to withstand the hottest and coldest conditions Australia can throw at it.

Coated Coil Protection

The Classic ducted system utilizes bluefin epoxy coated protection on its coils, which minimise corrosion from the harsh Australian conditions.

Vertical Discharge

Classic Ducted systems’ vertical discharge makes life easier and comfortable for every homeowner in Australia as it is designed to push discharged air straight upwards rather than into neighbor’s fence.

Efficient EC Inverter Indoor Fan

The Classic ducted system uses highly efficient EC Inverter indoor fan to distribute exact comfort control, smoother operation, and quieter starting and stopping.

You’ll save money on Classic Zoning

Classic Zoning lets you separate your house in up to 8 zones to maximise energy efficiency fully.

Louvered Grille

Australia’s extreme weather conditions can be very harsh it’s why the classic ducted system was engineered to have the powder coated louvered grille guard that works for better airflow and protection.

Full Control Even if you are away from home

With optional ActronConnect, you can switch on or off your Classic system with your phone or laptop, from your favourite spot on the lounge or even on your way home from work.

From Zero to Comfort – Straightaway

Contrasting to another conventional inverter, which can take between 5 and 10 minutes to get up to full capacity, Classic can get up to maximum capacity almost instantaneously – it is the best choice if you need to get comfy quickly.

Full Control at Home

If you require complete control of your air conditioning at home, the best air con to choose is the Classic ducted system. It is carefully designed to work with Australia’s standards so wherever you are inside your home, you can be sure that you can control how your air-conditioning works.

Actron Air warranties At Infiniti Air, were extremely confident our workmanship and Australian products, ducting and vents will stand up to Perth’s demanding climate. We endorse the standard Actron Air warranties, and ramp them up by guaranteeing our precision installation.

  • 5 years on parts + labour
  • 5 years on zones + labour
  • 2 years on Wi-Fi

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