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Perth’s Commercial Air Conditioning & HVAC Specialists

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Efficient Commercial Air Conditioning For Small, Medium & Large Businesses in Perth

At Infiniti Air, we are Perth’s leading experts on commercial air conditioning with over two decades of experience. We provide hassle-free aircon installationservice, repair and maintenance to the smallmedium and large commercial and even industrial sectors all throughout Western Australia. All our services are backed up with a warranty of up to 10 years – with no gimmicks, and no fuss. We are committed to making commercial and industrial businesses more comfortable by providing the best commercial air conditioning units that are designed to last. We ensure that the models we recommend are innovative and cost-efficient, letting consumers save up to $3500 on yearly costs.

Perth HVAC Systems

One of the reasons why we’re amongst Perth’s leading HVAC companies is because we genuinely care about our customers’ business operations. We understand that a well-controlled climate is the perfect setting for people to thrive and work productively. Workers are more focused on the job at hand, and customers are happy to spend time browsing or dining in comfort. That’s great news for you and your business – and really, we want to make your life easier. So get in touch to talk to us about our cost-effective commercial air conditioning solutions today.

Our Products and Services

The perfect packaged solution for retail and light commercial installations. Whether you need the smartest air conditioning units or just need a bit of advice, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Designed for commercial spaces such as warehouses, shopping centres, airport terminals and car showrooms. Talk to us today if you want to learn more about our cost-efficient air conditioners.

Substantial energy savings and the guarantee of consistent climate control. If you want the best and cost-effective cooling solutions for your business, talk to us today.

Custom Commercial Air Conditioning Solutions

At Infiniti Air, we’re all about getting it right for you. That means visiting you on-site and designing a commercial air conditioning solution tailored to your shop, office or warehouse in Perth. We never compromise on quality or workmanship, and only use quality, reliable products that are built to last.

As exclusive Actron Air dealers, we’ll ensure that you’ll benefit from the only system built in Australia exclusively for our climate. With innovative ESP technology that’s up to 60% more efficient than other brands, you could save thousands of dollars on your business every year in energy use. Plus, with full control from your smartphone, day-to-day business life will never be more comfortable.

Real Estate and Property Management

As a leading HVAC company, we team up with real estate agents and property managers across Perth to provide reliable commercial air conditioning installation, service and repairs. We know your time is money, and we promise exceptional work with quick turnarounds.

Endless Comfort In Action

When it comes to energy efficient commercial air conditioners, many companies now turn to Actron Air Tri Capacity models. To find out why we’ve undertaken a case study on two companies that purchased this model, read the details below.

The Commercial Air Conditioning Case Study

Large retail spaces tend to be very difficult to cool efficiently. There are many reasons for this, including the sheer size of the area, the exposed ceilings, walls, and more. It was predicted that using Actron Air’s energy efficient commercial air conditioners in this type of store would provide energy savings over two-stage units offered by competitors. Ecosave oversaw the case study and provided an independent evaluation of the results.

The evaluation took place over a 43-day period. During this timeframe, one store received an Actron Tri-Capacity unit, and the other store was fitted with a two-stage fixed speed unit. The Actron unit offered energy consumption savings of 31 percent on average, with values ranging from 10 to 31 percent. Ecosave projected that the store with this unit would save 37 percent on average, every year. Over 15 years, it is estimated the retailer will save more than $400,000 and the payback period would be only 2.02 years. The two-stage unit used almost 32,000 kWh per day over the test period, leading Ecosave to declare the Actron unit to be the better option.

Features of the Actron Tri-Capacity Technology

Commercial Air Conditioning Savings Tips for Any Business

Business owners take steps each day to help make their business run more efficiently, and to effectively save money. When they find ways to save money in areas such as the commercial air conditioning, it improves the bottom line. With this in mind, here are a number of tips that can be used to reduce the cost of running these systems throughout the day.

Turn off standby

There are quite a few business locations which are empty for approximately 72 percent of the year; this means their commercial air conditioning systems are often sitting in standby mode, which contributes to about 10 percent of a business’ total energy costs. To reduce this drain, we suggest the following:

Keep the temperature set at the right level

Another quick way to reduce costs associated with commercial air condition units is to ensure the thermostat is set to the right temperature at the appropriate time of the year. Each degree a business owner adds in the summer and takes away in the winter can mean savings of up to 10 percent. Some tips to regulate the temperature include:

Switch to more efficient lighting

While this doesn’t necessarily contribute to the efficiency of the commercial air conditioning, using more efficient lighting can help to reduce the overall energy costs for a business. In fact, standard lighting makes up 10 to 25 percent of a business’ electricity bill. For larger spaces, this figure can be even more. The good news is that it is relatively easy to minimise the effect of the lighting on your energy costs. Use these tips:

Keep in mind that traditional bulbs can produce quite a bit of heat. If all the lights are turned on and emitting heat throughout the day, it can result in the commercial air conditioning unit having to run harder and more often to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. However, with more efficient lighting and bulbs used, this can reduce the strain on the air conditioning unit and help the business save even more on their cooling costs.

Purchase an Actron ESP Platinum 

In some cases, the unit may not be able to keep up with the demand of the business. Professional commercial air conditioning contractors can determine this for sure and advise you on whether replacing the entire unit is a good idea. If so, consider the Actron ESP Platinum AC unit, which is up to 75 percent more efficient than other popular units. It’s all thanks to its award-winning technology.

If you’re searching for Perth’s most energy-efficient commercial air conditioning, let us help you. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be paying too much to cool your business. With the tips outlined here, any business owner can reduce their energy-related costs. More information can be found by taking some time to contact the staff at Infiniti Air today. You can phone us at (08) 6007 3150 or click the button below.

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Great professional service from Steve and Chantel, I would definitely recommend Infiniti Air to anyone at any time. A special note of thanks to the installation crew, you guys “rock” thank you for being courteous and leaving my house clean after the installation!

Michael Coemien Calitz

Infiniti Air has done my Aircon, Solar on my new home and is currently working on my factory for solar as well, they have also done a variety of electrical work for me before. As a company they know a lot about air conditioning and solar, they use quality products and they offer great value when it comes to price. Most importantly they stand by the work they do. Would recommend and will continue to use the team from Infiniti Air.

Daniel Lipari

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