Hercules - Commercial Air Conditioners for
Large Business

Big on performance, big on thinking

The most advanced, & energy efficient Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Hercules is the most innovative, energy-efficient air conditioning solutions ever made in Australia. It’s the first packaged system to have twin inverter compressors; it’s massive, yet efficient and innovative.

Rated to a superior operating spectrum, Hercules can placidly withstand the most extreme weather conditions in Australia. This system is designed for large spaces including warehouse stores, shopping centres, airport terminals, car showrooms, and other large commercial buildings and businesses that you can name.

If you are looking for highly innovative, energy-efficient and long-lasting air conditioning solutions for commercial and industrial businesses that will allow you to save thousands of dollars in the long run, then ActronAir Hercules is the best option for you.

Hercules - Commercial Air Conditioners for
Large Business


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Why Choose Infiniti Air & Solar


We will provide you with a free on-site quote within 48 hours.


Fast installation of the most efficient, innovative and high-performance air conditioners in Perth, Western Australia.


We offer a warranty of up to 10 years on installation and workmanship.


WA's most energy efficient air conditioners, guaranteed! We use Australian designed and made products. All the trades are in-house, which means no sub-contractors.


We’re competitively priced in the market and we are highly regarded for the service and aftercare that we provide.


We have a showroom which allows us to offer the best Actron Air system and solution for every situation. We also provide quick, easy and hassle-free aircon installation, repair, service and maintenance in Perth.

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