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Choosing the right air conditioning system for your home in Perth

Are you struggling to find the right air conditioning for your home? Are you tired of paying thousands of dollars on your electricity bill because your air conditioning system is not as efficient as you’d like it to be – especially during Perth’s scorching summers? If the answer is yes, then please continue reading. At Infiniti Air, not only do we love helping our customers choose the right ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for their home, but we are also passionate about teaching them about how they can save more cash on their electricity bills.

How Does It Work?

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning works through a system of ducts, or vents, which are both capable of heating and cooling. Temperatures can be easily controlled so you can heat or cool any sections in your home or business based on the temperature you desire.

Unlike conventional split single unit air conditioning systems that are only capable of managing temperatures within one or two rooms, ducted reverse cycle air conditioners can distribute your desired temperature to any sections you like.

Our Recommendations

Below are the three ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems we highly recommend to our customers – but first, we should look at which system is potentially right for you.

The entry-level ducted reverse cycle system suited for Perth’s homeowners. Control the temperature of various rooms with the touch of a button. ESP PLUS DUCTED SYSTEM
The ESP Ducted System has the same features as the Classic system plus 60% savings in running costs, year in year out. ESP PLATINUM DUCTED SYSTEM
Excellent for families that need the most advanced ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system available today. Save up to 75% on your electricity.

Classic Ducted System

If you are looking for an air conditioning system that provides comfort and control at the same time, our Classic Ducted System is the right product for you. This ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system has a zoning functionality that allows you to control your air conditioner with the touch of a button.

ESP Plus Ducted System

Are you the type who would love to save lots of cash on your electricity bills without sacrificing your family’s comfort? If your answer is yes, then the ESP Plus Ducted System is right for you! This ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is designed for the harsh Australian climate. Its award-winning inverter fan technology allows you to save up to 60% in running costs year in year out – which add up to thousands of dollars worth of savings over the lifetime of the system. This is the result of smart design features built with the Perth climate in mind.

ESP Platinum Ducted System

Want to have full control of your air conditioning system and still save up to 75% on your electricity bills? If your answer is yes, then the ESP Platinum is the right air conditioning system for you. ESP Platinum’s world-leading Tru-Inverter technology brings an excellent level of heating or cooling, quickly and efficiently. It also automatically achieves your desired comfort level rapidly and maintains it with superior control. With ESP Platinum, you can save up to $4,500 on your electricity bills in five years’ time! Amazing, isn’t it?

The Actron Air Difference

Actron Air systems are designed and built through the smartest technology that can withstand the harsh climate in Australia and Perth in particular. So whether you’ll be using this type of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning in your home or business, you can rest assured knowing you will have full control of the climate inside your property.

Actron Air’s smart energy zoning technology also offers significant savings over other air conditioning brands. Learn more about Actron Air’s smart zoning technology by contacting us here or calling us on (08) 6007 3143 to speak to one of our air conditioning experts.

Click play on the video to watch Carole & Russell’s ducted aircon install by Infiniti Air.

Click play on the video to find out more about Actron Ducted Air Conditioning systems and why they’re the best fit for the hot Australian climate

Key Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle System Air Conditioning

Award-Winning Efficiency

The ESP Platinum unit utilises advanced technology to save up to seventy-five percent of traditional energy costs. The controller has several more programmable functionalities than other air conditioning systems, so temperatures can be set on a seven-day cycle at various hours during a twenty-four hour period. The hot air is vertically discharged from the outside compressor unit, which improves the performance of the system and also contributes to the savings.

Range of Air Conditioner Models

The Classic Ducted System allows a household to keep a consistent temperature in the entire home as well as select different temperatures over separate zones. The system can have as few as three zones, and as many as eight depending on the needs of the family. The wireless wall controller and the high-efficiency fan provide energy savings, as well as quiet starts and stops. If the house has tight roof space, this model is available with a two-piece fan coil.

Year-Round Comfort

Our ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a complete system that can be used all year round in Perth. Even better, it eliminates the need for separate heating and cooling units or systems. Homes with this type of air conditioning systems are more energy-efficient and can save homeowners money on maintenance, repairs, and operational costs. A full range of systems, developed to withstand the extreme Australian climates, has been created and manufactured over the past thirty years by Actron Air.

Variable Fan Speed

On top of aircon ducting, the ESP Plus has the added feature of energy smart zoning. The capacity adjusts from ten percent to one hundred percent through advanced air flow control, to provide maximum comfort while reducing energy costs. A three-speed fan is more efficient than one speed, and this adds to efficiency and cost savings. The controller for this model can be programmed to automatically alter the temperature at different times throughout the day.

Meet the whole QUE family

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

The QUE Touch Master Controller allows you to control your entire system.

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We looked around and compared prices for a ducted reverse cycle system. We chose a unit from Infiniti Air and it was installed quickly with very little mess. We have to use it now to see how efficient it is in hot and cold weather but so far so good.

Rhonda Broad

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Brochure

Click here to download our Actron Air Classic Ducted Aircon System Brochure

Actron Air warranties At Infiniti Air, were extremely confident our workmanship and Australian products, ducting and vents will stand up to Perth’s demanding climate. We endorse the standard Actron Air warranties, and ramp them up by guaranteeing our precision installation.

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