5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

An air conditioner (AC), like most electronic appliances, can breakdown anytime without much prior notice or indication. Thankfully, not all AC’s run through problems. If well-maintained or taken good care of, there shouldn’t be much to worry about. However, there are certain problems that are likely to affect the majority of air conditioners, regardless of how good their upkeep is.

The following are five common air conditioner problems:

Refrigerant Leak

If your AC cooling is not up to the mark, it could mean the unit was not optimally charged at installation or there’s a leak. A refrigerant leak basically indicates a small hole(s) in the AC pipeline. This means the chemical responsible for cooling is taking the wrong exit. A temporary solution to the problem is refilling the system with new refrigerant. A permanent and recommended solution is fixing the leak itself. The costs of fixing the leak could be higher than refrigerant infusion, but it’s worth the price.

Electronic thermostat | Infiniti Air & Solar
Set your Electronic thermostat right to save on air conditioning expenses

Sensor Issues

Room AC’s are usually equipped with a thermostat sensor, which is situated on the rear of the control panel. The thermostat helps gauge air that enters the evaporative coil. In case the sensor is not located in the right spot, the AC may behave erratically or cycle constantly. Ideally, the sensor must be positioned close to the coil but not close enough to be touching it. It must alter its spot by bending carefully the wire holding it in position.

In case the thermostat is programmable, ensure the thermostat is set right. The sensor settings must make sure the temperature is optimal when you’re at home and slightly higher when you’re outdoors. With increasing temperature, you would likely save on air conditioning expenses. The thermostat setting should be altered based on how large your domestic space is and which part of the room you’re positioned in.

Dirty Filter

A filthy AC filter is an extremely common issue. A clogged/dirty filter would reduce the AC unit’s efficiency. Fortunately, cleaning a dirty filter is fairly straightforward. If you haven’t cleaned your AC’s filter in some time, do it right away. Generally, AC filters must be changed or cleaned monthly, particularly if your central air con is used regularly or if there are pets in the house.

Air Con filter | Infiniti Air & Solar
Make sure your Air Con filter is clean, with no visible dust. A clogged/dirty filter would reduce the AC unit’s efficiency.

Loud Noises

Loud banging noises are usually not common. But if they do happen, there could be some serious issues with the AC unit. The noise could be literally deafening at times. If so, the problem would likely be a dislocated fan belt. Fixing this is not too complex, but since there’s high-powered electrical machinery involved, only a licensed professional can fix it right. Till the problem is not fixed, it’s recommended not to turn on the air conditioner in the interim. Switching the AC on without addressing the issue would only worsen the condition. If you’ve hired a technician to solve the problem, make sure he also looks into the motor’s bearings.

Foul Smell

Bad odour from AC units could be caused due to mildew, fungi, or mould growth courtesy drainage pipe clogs, outside smells that the AC pulls in and releases into the house, and/or small deceased living creatures in or near the AC. These are just some of the causes. Your AC might smell bad for some other reason too. If your AC stinks, get the unit serviced at the earliest. A blocked drainage pipe not just stinks up your room but may also lead to water buildup, causing further more damage to the unit in the long run. However, if you usually subject your AC to an annual inspection, such issues and almost all the aforementioned problems can be nipped in the bud.

Those are just the common Air Conditioner problems. However, if you encounter anything unusual with your AC’s, contact a professional technician right away. Call us today.

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