Actron Air Reviews

Actron Air Reviews

Despite the harsh extremes of the Australian climate, the majority of Australian citizens fiercely love their country and its climate, and would never think of living elsewhere. Temperatures can be consistently above 35 degrees celsius in the summer months. These extreme temperatures need to be matched by an extremely good Air Conditioning system that is built for the Australian environment. For many Australians, the range of Air Conditioning systems by Actron Air provide the comfort and performance in extreme weather. The Actron Air reviews provided by these users give insight into the experience customers have of purchasing Actron Air Conditioners.

Actron Air is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience providing Australians with outstanding heating and cooling solutions for residential and commercial applications alike. They have earned a well-deserved reputation for creating and manufacturing the most energy-efficient air-conditioning appliances, while simultaneously adhering to their core values of innovation and second-to-none customer service.

Actron Air Reviews – What Users Are Saying

We have surveyed a number of online sources to gather some feedback from the experience of Australians who have purchased Actron Air. Below is a summary of their experience after purchasing an Actron Air conditioning system:

  • Fair Pricing – Customers found the Actron Air systems fairly priced for a premium air conditioning system compared to other units available on the market
  • Excellent Warranties – Actron Air units came with excellent warranties which provided peace of mind to those who purchased.
  • Energy Efficiency – One of the most notable experiences was the reduction in energy costs after purchasing an Actron Air unit. The Actron ESP range of Air Conditioners are known for their excellent efficiency in the face of extremely hot temperatures. These energy efficient air conditioners provided users with tangible savings on their energy bills.
  • Excellent Support & Service – Customers found that they received excellent support and service after the purchase of their Actron Air conditioning unit. They also appreciated the guidance provided in choosing the appropriate system and kilowatt size for their home. This is a critical component when purchasing an air conditioner as it affects the performance and efficiency throughout the life of the system. A common misconception is that a larger KW system is required but this may result in poor efficiency as the same result can be achieved with a smaller system.
  • Precise Control – Users loved the ability to adjust the Actron ESP AC unit’s temperature by zones within the home. This is perfect for areas that might not be used as much, such as basements or upper-level floors that are primarily sleeping areas, and therefore not used during the daytime.
  • Quiet Operation – Users noted that their Actron system had a very quiet operation. The noise made by a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is often overlooked when purchasing an air conditioner. This is important, especially if the external unit is located near a bedroom window. It was observed by users that the Actron ESP units had minimal operation noise.
  • Durability – Users noted they had a quality, durable system when compared to their previous system. It makes sense that a system designed by Australians for the Australian climate will be far more durable than other units on the market. Many of the other brands are built for dealing with humid heat found in other climates. Perth’s summers typically produce a dry heat which requires a unique air conditioning solution to manage.

Further Questions About Actron Air Conditioners

If you have further questions after reading these Actron Air Reviews we are more than happy to help. Some of the more typical questions include:

We are more than happy to help answer your questions regard Actron Air conditioners and why we believe they are the superior units available on the Australian market. If you have any questions regarding this article on Actron Air reviews feel free to contact us today. Have you purchased an Actron Air Conditioner? Feel free to add your own Actron Air review in the comments section below:

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