Infiniti Air – Actron Award Winners 2017

Mike and Drewe from infiniti air

Our team at Infiniti Air are very proud to announce that we have taken out the Number 1 Actron Dealer for WA Award AND are the Number 1 Actron Dealer for Actron Que Australia Wide.

This is a pretty big deal to our company as a whole.

These awards don’t just acknowledge all the hard work we have been putting in, but also represent the number of homes, families and businesses we have helped make a little more comfortable this year.

Now that is rewarding!

Mike and Drewe from infiniti air

After all, that’s a big part of why we do this, and while it was nice to receive those trophies, we are now back to work, meeting clients, finding out how we can help and making it happen.

So what makes Actron award-worthy?

We live in Perth just like you do and we have experienced our fair share of scorching summers!

We know it takes the right system to keep you cool when it really counts. Actron is the only Australian air conditioning system designed to perform at its best when the temperatures soar above 40°C – Perth’s specialty.

They are also efficient, incredibly cost-effective and silent enough that you might just forget it’s there – just some of the reasons why we exclusively supply and install Actron.

As you can tell, we believe it’s the best air conditioning system available in Australia and, combined with our professional and experienced installation teams, will keep you and your family comfortable and cool through many summers to come.

Of course, right now our units are keeping us nice and warm as we hit this colder season. If you are struggling to get out of bed in the mornings, or still wearing your jacket in the office, our team would be happy to help make things a little easier.

All our team at Infiniti Air would also like to say a massive and heartfelt thanks to all the customers who have supported us, trusted us with their homes, and referred us to their friends and family this year.

We couldn’t have done it without you!

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