Actron Connect Helps Manage Your Air Conditioning Needs

Actron Connect Helps Manage Your Air Conditioning Needs

Learn How You Can Control Your AC Units with a Click on a Button

Controlling the air conditioning during Australia’s hot and humid summers just became easier. With the Actron Connect app, you can control your cooling just by tapping your smartphone or tablet or accessing your computer.

Featuring clean design and easy-to-use controls, Actron Connect allows you to easily set your comfort levels on your Actron Air ducted system whether you are home or away. Actron is known for producing one of the most efficient air conditioning systems for the harsh Australian climate, so it is no surprise that the company has created one of the most advanced apps on the market today.

Control Your AC Units with a Click on a Button
Actron Connect Features – Colour coding makes it easy for you to choose the function you wish to access

Design Features

With Actron Connect, you won’t have to memorize any complex codes. Colour coding makes it easy for you to choose the function you wish to access. Blue is for coolingred for heatinggreen for fan only operation and purple for the auto function.

The home screen has a host of user-friendly features. A large power button allows you to easily turn your system on or off. System status indicates heating or cooling mode, while current temperature and your set temperature are also easy to see. Press the arrow buttons to set the temperature up or down. Mode settings for cooling, heating, fan, and auto are also on the home page, along with a fan button that allows you to choose from among three different speeds plus an ESP indicator.

Full Zone Control

A separate screen gives you complete control over the zones in your home. Name the zones according to their occupants or usage, such as family room, master bedroom, kitchen, etc. For users with an ActronAir Ultima upgraded system, you’ll also be able to see the current temperature in each zone.

Enjoying Actron Connect App | Infinit Air & Solar
Woman Using Digital Tablet – Enjoying Actron Connect App

Set and Forget for Ultimate Convenience

The set and forget timer is made for busy Australians on the go. Instead of worrying about watching the clock when you want to adjust your heating or cooling needs, you can set it and forget it. Actron Connect will do the job for you. The flexible timer controls allow you to set the timer once and get on with your day. Never again will you worry about whether you turned on the system too late. The system is also ideal for those situations where you may have no access to WiFi, such as on a flight, when you want to turn the system on, allowing you to return home to complete comfort.

Just like the rest of the app, timer controls are easy to use. The set time indicator lets you set operations by scrolling up or down with timer increments in minutes and hours. Simply press accepts to finalize the set time.

Fast and Intuitive

Not only do you get controls that are as fast and intuitive as your air conditioning system, you get superior support and service from a staff that is based completely in Australia. You’re never more than a call away from help. Parts are always ready in stock for this Australian designed and manufactured system.

To know more about products from Actron, contact Infiniti Air today. It’s just another way we can make your life easier.

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