Actron Que AC Controller Interface

Actron Que AC Controller Interface

Actron Que is an advanced control technology for Actron Air’s range of ducted air conditioners. The product was designed and commissioned by an Australian company, ActronAir. The technology, which comes with colour touchscreen controls took two years to develop. It provides users a convenient and effortless way to operate air conditioning equipment remotely or at home using a smartphone or tablet device. It comes as no surprise that the new release is already the recipient of the Australian Good Design Award.

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Design and Functionality

The Actron Air QUE Wall Controller allows you to touch and feel the elements in an interactive way. You interact with Que’s rich and vibrant 720p touchscreen display that provides an optimal experience. This game changer does not just allow you to control the air conditioning equipment. You can get a feeling and visual experience of a more rich environment.

The unit’s aesthetically pleasing interface is designed to deliver full screen images of a wide variety of modes, including cooling, auto, fan and heat. Its interactive functionality is impressive, natural and refreshing.

Users swipe and touch controls, which are designed to work in a seamless fashion. The controls enable homeowners to adjust the AC temperature, scroll usage history and view other zones. In essence, the Actron Air QUE Controller provides everything and more of what all users ever wanted when it comes to AC controls.

Actron Que AC Controller Interface
Actron Que Wall Controller

Making the connection via the mobile app

Actron Que Controller comes with app that enables users to connect to an air-conditioner wireless. The application provides a direct link by controlling various operating modes of the AC unit. Users can enjoy a direct correlation between the indoor temperature and the use of color. The visual connection is a powerful way to feel the temperature even before reading it.

The application is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Users can download the apps at the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Advanced technology

Even though the majority of air-conditioners come with a wide array of features, they are usually still accompanied by complicated controls. The Que solves this problem by simplifying the advanced systems using the latest technology, including a touchscreen, smartphones and mobile apps. The result is an impressive interactive experience.

Legacy interfaces were not simple to use, thus compromising the utility. Many homeowners never really bothered using them. Fortunately, with Que everyone can make the most of the features and controls to enjoy an ideal experience. Even non-technical people can use the interfaces and controls.

The Que boasts an interface that is comparable to the best on the market. Some of the products that provide exceptional interface designs include smartphones by Google and Apple. When it comes to AC controls technology, the Actron Air QUE Wall Controller undoubtedly sets a new benchmark.

Air Conditioning App
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Added convenience

Unlike the old controls, the new technology allows users to control the AC unit anywhere in the world. When one forgets to switch off the air-conditioner, it is now possible to use the proprietary app on a tablet or smartphone device to switch off the unit. Leaving the air-conditioner running while on lengthy trips can be costly.

On the other hand, the advanced controls make life easier for installers and service technicians. They can access diagnostic readings directly from the Actron Cue. Previously, the service technicians and installers struggled to diagnose any malfunction. They had to wire the sensors and thermo couples to the unit in addition to putting the refrigeration gauge on the outdoor unit.

With the Cue, technicians simply access the menu and the digital dashboard. This allows them to view pressure, temperature, compressor speed, a virtual outdoor machine and more. As a result, the technicians can troubleshoot the problem quicker and easier. Don’t be left behind with the latest technology.

Get Actron Que For Your Air Conditioning System Today

Get Australia’s best digital control system for your Air Conditioner. Designed by Australians for Australians, this powerful and intuitive interface will change the way you control the climate of your home. If want to find out more about getting Actron Que for your Perth home, contact the team at Infiniti Air today for a free quote.

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