Which Air Conditioner Brand is Best for Perth?

Which Air Conditioner Brand is Best for Perth?

Which air conditioner brand is best?

When it comes to choosing an Air Conditioner for your Perth home, there are a lot of options to choose from. The most important factor to consider is the unique demands of the Perth climate. When summer heatwaves occur, Perth experiences typically a dry desert heat. This type of heat requires a unique system that can handle the demands placed on it. Read on to see which system caters for the unique Australian climate and why we consider it to be the best air conditioner for Perth.


Actron is a home-grown brand that designs Australian air conditioners for the Australian climate. Actron offers different types of air conditioners – including multi-head units, wall-hung splits, low-profile ducted cooling systems, cassettes, packaged AC units, and split ducted systems. Having started shop as a family-owned business in 1984, Actron Air is now a name to reckon within Australia. See our Actron Air information Page for more details on the types of Actron Air Conditioners for your Perth home.

Actron Air is the best air conditioning brand on this list. And that’s primarily because no other AC company understands Australian climate like Actron Air does. The climate down under is harsh and unique, which is difficult for foreign air con companies to accurately interpret and cater to. And the fact that Actron Air has an Australian base, customers won’t have to wait too long or call overseas for support and service. All of these traits make Actron Air the no. 1 AC brand in Australia.


The Mitsubishi brand has been in the Australian AC industry for more than a decade. Almost every AC mechanic in Australia vouches by the brand and recommends it (along with a few others) to consumers whenever they seek recommendations. Mitsubishi makes and sells air conditioners under the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) name. It should not be confused with Mitsubishi Electric that makes everyday home appliances. The company focuses majorly on AC technology and energy-efficiency, with some of the company’s recent models embracing and blending with smartphone technology.

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Daikin is among the premium (with regard to price) brands in the AC industry and therefore not the most popular since most people cannot afford a Daikin, especially when there are equally capable ACs at a cheaper price. However, Daikin justifies its higher price tag by offering more features. Unlike other brands on this list, there generally isn’t much buzz about Daikin AC parts and services because these ACs are well-built and don’t break down easily. Also, the Daikin installer and distributor group is semi-closed. Long story short, Daikin is the Mac of the air con industry. However, the company has (in the recent past) made conscious efforts to cater to a wider range of consumers. It has introduced pocket-friendly, yet reliable ACs so that a larger group of people can benefit from Daikin’s technology and efficiency.


Panasonic makes top-notch air conditioners for a variety of spaces and purposes – be it a commercial office or a modest domestic space. Panasonic ACs are known for their capable electromagnetic air filters that attract airborne pollutants and ensure the particles do not recirculate. Though Panasonic does a good job with all air conditioner types, they are more renowned for their split systems.


Fujitsu is another leading AC brand that caters to both the commercial and residential market of Australia. Fujitsu’s strong positioning in the Australian market is not just due to the companies’ capable air conditioners, but also because the company receives ongoing support from major retail partners, coupled with strong marketing and promotion.

Fujitsu ACs are known for their modern and sleek designs. These ACs are not just modern from the outside but also incorporate the latest technology, such as air filters that merge ion reduction and oxidisation with the help of particle ceramics. The ACs are quite simple to install as they come in several sizes and weight. This versatility means a Fujitsu AC can fit inside a large living room or small bedroom with tangible ease.


The aforementioned brands are the best in the business and they come at a slightly premium price. Actron Air is the AC brand that stands out in Perth as it is carefully and specifically designed, engineered for the Australian climate.

While foreign brands are built to cater for more humid heat of South East Asia, Acton Air conditioners are made for the hot Australian desert heat. This is a different type of heat that requires a unique system. As a result of being built specifically for the Australian climate, Actron Air conditioners are more efficient and perform better than other brands on the market.

This is why Infiniti Air have chosen to only supply and install Actron Air Conditioners. This enables us to specialise in the most superior system for the Perth market. As a result we can provide the best prices on Actron Air Conditioners and dedicated support for your system. For a free quote on Actron Air Conditioners for your Perth home, contact us today.

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