Dealing with Heat Waves

Dealing with Heat Waves

Why Australian Residents Should Use Efficient Air Conditioners?

According to the Australian Medical Association, the annual number of deaths caused by heat strokes in Australia far exceeds the number of deaths caused by auto accidents and natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. Air Conditioners can help prevent the affect of excessive heat on the vulnerable people in Perth such as the sick and elderly.

Heatwave Warning Services

The Australian government and other agencies are looking for creative ways of dealing with this challenge. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology, for instance, launched an early warning service called Heatwave Warning Services in 2014. The service aims to forewarn communities in Australia of expected heatwaves on time (days in advance), thereby enabling people to take the necessary measures to protect themselves from the sweltering weather. Such measures include inspecting and repairing air conditioning units to ensure they are in  good working condition.

Dealing with heat waves

Air Con Ownership and High Electricity Costs

Today, about a quarter of all Australian households own either a refrigerated air conditioner or an evaporative cooler. Unfortunately, the cost of electricity in Australia has been rising steadily in the recent past. For instance, the cost increased 70% nationally between June 2007 and December 2012. It is important to note that about 50% of the increase was attributed to “spiralling network costs,” which are essentially the costs of acquiring poles and wires, the Productivity Commission reports.

Peak Demand Periods

While 25% of the Australian electricity network remains unused for long periods, the network may be unable to cope with an ever-increasing peak demand, potentially leading to power outages. This is because, even in relatively cool summers, more than 4.6 million Australian households operate at least one air conditioner. Of course, power companies in Australia can upgrade their networks to enable them meet peak demand. However, this would mean even higher power bills for consumers.

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Alternative Solutions

To protect the vulnerable groups from even higher power costs and power outages, Australians should minimise their AC usage during peak times and/or look for alternative ways to keep cool during heatwaves. Some practical alternatives include turning your AC down a notch or two and using solar power to run your AC system.

Other strategies include establishing outdoor cooling centres such as swimming pools and green spaces, as well as using efficient air conditioners such as ActronAir air conditioning systems, which are up to 70% more energy efficient than other air conditioners.


Australian households can help manage electricity costs nationally, especially during peak periods, by turning off AC systems whenever possible and using solar energy to run AC systems. You can also choose whisper quiet Actron Air systems to excel in this harsh climate. What’s more, using ActronAir air conditioning systems can reduce your AC power requirements by up to 70%.

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