Don’t Waste Your Hot Air, Recycle It With Air Transfer Kits

Don't Waste Your Hot Air, Recycle It With Air Transfer Kits

With rising home heating and cooling costs, many homeowners are looking for a solution that is cost-effective while keeping their home at a comfortable temperature. Air transfer kits are highly beneficial and allow you to take full advantage of your already existing heating or cooling unit.

What is an Air Transfer Kit?

Air transfer kits are made to transfer air, whether it is warm or cold, from one area of the house to another. Many Australian homes have their heating or cooling unit in the main part of the house, while your living room may be comfortable for the whole family, the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms are another story. There is nothing pleasant about leaving a warm and toasty living room only to walk into a cold bedroom. However, with an air transfer kit, you can shift some of that heat into the bedrooms and enjoy a pleasant night of sleep warm in your bed.

Hot Air, Recycle It With Air Transfer Kits | Infiniti Air & Solar

How Does an Air Transfer Kit Work?

If heating your home is your main, concern you can shift the warm air from your main heating source and recycle it to other areas. Air by your ceiling can reach as high as 35 degrees Celsius, but then it escapes through the roof. With a transfer kit, a system of fans, insulated ducts and vents reroute that toasty air to selected rooms, which lowers the overall cost of heating your whole house, saving you hundreds of dollars each year, and eliminates the need for hazardous space heaters. A ceiling vent is installed wherever the main heating or cooling source is located, whether it is a split system air conditioner, pot belly stove, fireplace or gas heater. As the air rises, it gets drawn into the vent and fed through the insulated duct system, which contains small fans to push the air through, and then it is distributed to your selected rooms. Kits are available to transfer air from one to four additional rooms.

What are the Benefits?

There are countless benefits of having an air transfer kit installed in your home, the biggest benefit is on your wallet as you maximise the hot or cool air that is already in your home.

Other benefits include the air transfer system working well with both non-ducted heat pumps, such as with reverse cycling air conditioners, and wood heaters. Both create pockets of warm air that go to waste if there is no system used to distribute the air. Also, it eliminates condensation from building up, which significantly reduces the risk of mould, mildew and musty smells and dust bites throughout your house. Generally, those problems are a result of poor air circulation. Having your hot or cold air transferred throughout the house keeps your air circulating freely.

Additionally, as air transfer kits reduce the cost of overall heating and cooling expenses, the kit will typically pay for itself within 12-24 months.

Air transfer kits are an economical and effective solution for keeping your entire home at a pleasant, comfortable and inviting temperature.

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