How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

Just like a car, your AC unit needs regular servicing to ensure it runs at peak efficiency. Regardless of model, type or age, you should aim to have your cooling system serviced at least once every year.

However, there are several scenarios where you may want to have it serviced more often:

  • If you have reason to suspect your air con is not working correctly (see below for more information on spotting problems).
  • If your AC sees a lot of use (for example, an office AC unit run 24/7/365).
  • If you have an evaporative system – these should be serviced twice a year. First before the start of summer to ensure they are operating well and then again after summer for decommissioning before winter.

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Servicing Your AC Will Save You Money

Many AC owners choose to skip servicing to save money, but they cost themselves more in the long-run. Regular servicing extends the life of your air conditioning unit; even a few years extra life counts for a lot when a replacement can run to thousands of dollars.

Additionally, regular servicing ensures that your aircon is performing at peak efficiency. Your house or business will be cooler, and your heating bills will be lower. Regular maintenance helps you discover and fix small problems before they become much bigger (and more expensive) issues.

What Can I Do To Keep My AC Units Running Well?

Servicing is one way to extend the life of your AC Unit, but the way you treat it in between services matters as well.

The first thing you should do is check, clean and replace your filters regularly. For most systems, you should do this once every six months at a minimum; systems that experience heavy use should be checked every couple of months. Always replace your filters with the ones recommended by the manufacturers.

Additionally, you need to make sure your aircon stays clean. A lack of cleaning causes many of the most common air conditioning problems; a small amount of cleaning goes a long way. Clean any vents and check that the condensing unit outside is clean and that the intake is not clogged or covered.

5 Signs It’s Time To Call An Engineer

Unfortunately, most cooling systems aren’t polite enough to wait until right before a service before they have a fault! If you want to keep your AC in top condition, you must stay alert for any signs that your AC unit is performing abnormally or in need of repairs.

We recommend you schedule service if you spot any of these signs:

1. Reduced Airflow

A reduction in airflow coming from your AC unit is often a sign of a severe problem. It could be the filters (you can check these yourself) or a blockage somewhere, but if its neither of those the compressor may need replacing.

2. Blowing Hot Air Instead of Cold

You expect your aircon to cool your room, so when it starts regularly pumping warmer air you know, there’s a problem. The two most likely issues are either low refrigerant levels or a faulty compressor.

3. An Unexplained Increase in Energy Bills

When an air conditioner has a problem, it becomes more inefficient – and that means higher energy bills. Even if your rooms are still cool, an increased energy usage signals your AC has to work harder than before to achieve the same result. Check the filters and the vents for any apparent problems and then book a service if necessary.

4. Leaks or Excess Moisture

A small amount of water on the unit outside your house is entirely reasonable; it’s just condensation. But when you notice large amounts of moisture – especially if inside the house – that’s a sign there’s a problem. Usually, this means there’s a refrigerant leak – avoid touching the liquid, stop using the unit, and schedule service.

5. Strange Noises or Smells

Air conditioning should be nearly silent and completely odourless. A change in the level of noise you hear is most likely to be caused by a mechanical problem inside the unit itself; an appropriate service will prevent this from getting worse. Similarly, a bad smell could indicate mould inside your ducting – although it could just be a filter, so check those first.

In case you need an expert team to service your AC units, feel free to contact us. For emergency services, call us at 1800 111 007.

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