Installation Tips For Your Ducted Air Conditioner

Installation Tips For Your Ducted Air Conditioner

A ducted air conditioner can provide you with years of comfort in your home. Ducted ACs are designed to cool multiple rooms in a house and ensure the even distribution of cool air throughout. Once you have decided to get ducted AC installed, there are things that you need to consider and prepare for to ensure that the process is smooth and worry-free.

Installation Tips For Your Ducted Air Conditioner 

When you are ready for a ducted air conditioning system, here are tips you can use:

Installation Procedure 

When an Installer inspects your home prior to an air conditioner installation, they are likely to divide your house into different zones. These are the areas that can be switched on or off so that the conditioned air will be directed to its desired location.

The zonal division helps effectively reduce the overall space which the system needs to cover. The installation of the system depends on the square meter area of the house. This, however, varies when considering day zones. Day zone covers those parts of the house which are occupied during the daytime, such as theatre room, living room, games room, etc. In case day zones are the point of concern then a system would be installed pertaining to that capacity. This makes the installation cost-effective and also durable.

Do Not Hesitate To Shop Around

The best option is not always the first one you have on the table. To find the price and service that matches your needs, talk to different suppliers and ask for a quote. Note, however, that the lowest price quote may not be the best choice for your home. Ask questions about the running costs, average repair costs for when the system’s warranty ends, etc.and come prepared.

Often you will find the cheapest quote will cost you much more in the long run. With some of the brands proving to be uneconomical for any repairs should the system breaks down post the warranty period. Know what types of ducted systems are available and which ones are the most efficient. If necessary, ask a previous client for an honest review.

Prepare Your Home

It is important to work with your AC contractor during installation. Ducted air conditioner installation is a complex procedure which will require the workers to cut or drill through your ceilings. As such, consider preparing your home in advance of the work by placing covers on furniture and appliances to protect them from dust and debris. If necessary, some furnishings may be moved to a safe place to avoid breakage or damage during the installation.

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Work with the contractor regarding the installation and placement of the components as well. You may have a preferred location for controllers and outdoor units, for example. However, make sure that you discuss your preferences with the contractor to ensure that the chosen areas are safe and accessible.

If you want to understand the process of ducted air conditioner installation, call Infiniti Air & Solar for more information. We can discuss the latest technology in the market and find the system that is best for your individual requirements.

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