What Is An Inverter Air Conditioner

What Is An Inverter Air Conditioner

This article is for those who want to install an air conditioning equipment, do not know about inverter technology, and the long term energy savings it can provide to them.

How Much Savings You Get When Installing Inverter Air Conditioner

Using the latest advancements in technology, inverter equipped air conditioners are quieter than conventional air conditioners and more economical to operate. These units have the capability to control its thermal transfer rate continuously by modifying the speed of the compressor in response to the demands for cooling.

Unlike traditional air conditioners that run at 100% capacity as soon as they are switched on, the inverter model starts functioning at a low level, following which it progressively increases in cooling capability, depending on the requirement to cool down the temperature of the room. This model makes use of an inverter to regulate the speed of its compressor.

The input power supply in such models is initially rectified to direct current (DC), following which it is inverted to the alternating current (AC) of the required frequency with the help of pulse width modulation. In simple language, the speed of the compressor of such ACs increases and decreases based on the room temperature. This is in stark contrast to standard ACs in which the compressor has to stop and start repeatedly to maintain the desired room temperature.

Benefits of AC Inverter | Infiniti Air & Solar
A woman cooling down her temper in a cold temperature room. Benefits offered by the Inverter Air Conditioner – achieves the desired room temperature much faster

Benefits of the Inverter AC

Although these units cost more than standard ACs, they make up for their high cost in a couple of years as they are extremely energy efficient and consume roughly 60% less power than the traditional AC units.

Here are some of the other benefits offered by the Inverter Air Conditioner:

  • It achieves the desired room temperature much faster
  • The start up time is quicker, since its cooling mechanism depends directly on the ambient room temperature
  • Hardly emits any sound while running
  • Does not damage sensitive electronic gadgets connected on the same power supply as there is no voltage peaks from its compressor
  • Maximises the comfort level of the air inside the room, as there are no temperature fluctuations
Tru-Inverter Air Conditioner | Infiniti Air & Solar
Tru-Inverter Air Conditioner

Selecting the best Inverter AC

Although many companies manufacture such ACs, all of them pale in comparison to Actron Air. It is unarguably the best make of inverter AC available.

Its “Tru-inverter” technology coupled with an extremely precise compressor allows it to:
  • Deliver the perfect amount of cooling or heating
  • Reach the desired temperature level quickly
  • Maintain the set temperature flawlessly
  • Help you save a whopping 75% on energy bills

To know more about the latest updates on Air Conditioners and installation services, contact Infiniti Air today. We’re all about finding the best solution for your needs.

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