Plastic Air Diffusion For Residential Buildings

Plastic Air Diffusion For Residential Buildings

There are different types of air conditioning systems used in residential and commercial places. Ducted air conditioning systems depend on correctly configured air diffusion to disperse the cooled or heated air inside the rooms. Once the treated and processed air reaches the room ceiling through the duct, it comes out through a small grille installed in the ceiling. These grilles are available in plastics and different types of metals. Plastic air diffusion is preferred in residential applications because it is cheaper to metal air diffusion. Metal air diffusers are used mainly in commercial heavy duty applications.

Plastic Air Diffusion For Residential Buildings

Economical Solutions

Plastic air diffusion is an economical solution for residential buildings. Air diffuser grilles made of plastic are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, patterns and sizes. These grilles are used extensively in air supply or extraction systems, such as ducted heating and cooling, reverse cycle cooling and heating, ventilation, air transfer and ducted evaporative cooling. The plastic air diffuser has a removable core that can be adjusted in the required direction. It helps direct the airflow to a particular area of the room. This removable part can be removed easily for cleaning. The grille can be closed completely during the winter months to stop escape of heated indoor air.

How the Diffusers Are Installed

The plastic grilles for air diffusion are fitted to the ceiling with the help of racket clip. An adapter is used to attach the grille to the duct system. It is an easy to install part but related works like installations of the duct system and false ceiling should be done only by professional contractors. Small size plastic diffusers are used in reverse cycle AC systems. The air diffuser with removable biscuit can blow air in different patterns. Circular air diffuser is also used in reverse cycle AC. This design is preferred at places where building owners do not want to install the standard square vents. Downed jet diffuser is used in ducted gas heating system.

Types of Air Diffusers

Air diffusers, grilles and registers should be installed according to the heating, cooling and ventilation system in use. Commercial applications require heavy duty products while residential units can manage with cheaper alternatives. The products in this range include square diffuser, circular diffuser, wall register, door relief grille, return air grille, egg crate grille and linear slot diffuser. These grilles, vents and registers are highly functional and effective in proper dispersal and extraction of air. There is no problem of rusting when plastic air diffusion is used.

Plastic air diffusers can be used in homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, and any place where clean indoor environment is needed. Products in this range are made with durable ABS plastic. Grilles made with this plastic do not rust, chip or bend. There is no problem even when the hot air is continuously being supplied or extracted. This plastic grille is resistant to sweating and helps avoid dust buildup. Plastic air diffusers are not only functional; they also look beautiful and help increase the aesthetic value of the interior. Whether it is a new construction or ceiling restoration, choosing the right plastic air diffusers is critical to the success of air circulation systems.

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