What Are The Types Of Air Conditioners

What Are The Types Of Air Conditioners
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Types Of Air Conditioners

You need not suffer through summer heat, when energy efficient and inexpensive residential air conditioners are widely available. They cool the air inside your room and remove humidity as well. Although having knowledge about the energy efficiency of these gadgets is vital, it is more important to understand the exact type you need. Here are details about the different types of air conditioners, which will assist you to choose the appropriate one.

Split system refrigerated model

Split System Air Conditioners are appropriate for use in a single room or in combined living areas. They consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit (hence the name `split’) connected to each other. The outdoor unit contains condensing coils and the compressor, whereas the indoor unit contains of a blower and evaporator coils. An insulated pipe containing a copper tube, a water discharge tube, and a power supply cord connects both the units.

The indoor unit also contains a panel containing an electronic circuit board with an ultraviolet sensor, activated by a remote control having an ultraviolet diode that activates the sensor to control the temperature as well as the movement of the vents and flaps. If you plan to use the AC regularly, opt for the `inverter’ model. Although it is costlier than the normal model, it compensates for its extra cost over the years as it consumes nearly 2.5% less energy. This type can both cool and heat the air inside a room.

Ducted evaporated models

Ideal for hot and dry climate, they are the best option for large homes. Apart from being environmentally friendly since it generates no CFC gases, making it safer for the environment when compared with the other types of air conditioners, it consumes much less energy as well. Since these models do not contain a dehydrating unit, they prevent users from suffering from dry noses and eyes.

This unit, placed on the roof, contains a pump that draws water from a reservoir, and sprays it on cooling pads. The ventilator motor pulls hot air from outside and over the cooling pads, causing the air to cool due to evaporation, before dispersing it inside the room through a series of ducts or outlets placed at strategic points, chilling the air inside in the process. This model is not suitable for humid areas. It also acts as an air freshener by pumping in fresh air inside the room that expels the stale and hot air out through the windows.

Ducted gas heating

These types of air conditioners are useful during the winter season as they heat the air within the room. These systems function by heating cold air by passing it over gas combustion warmed heat exchanger located outside the home and powered by liquefied petroleum gas, heating the air in the process.

The heated air is then distributed in the room through ducts via a series of vents on the floor or in the ceiling. An adjustable thermostat, installed in the main room and connected to the power supply unit of the heater, detects the temperature inside the room and switches off the heater when the air inside the room heats up to the pre set temperature. The thermostat restores power to the heater once the ambient temperature falls below a certain level. Insulated ducts play a large role in enhancing the efficiency of this air conditioner. An air return grille circulates air back to the heater.

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is an ideal air temperature level controlling solution for the entire home and is unarguably the best type of air conditioners available. Opt for the reverse cycle system if you are looking for flexibility and want to heat your home during the winter and cool it during the winter.

This unit comprises of two parts: the compressor and the duct system. The compressor refrigerates the air and pumps it through vents, placed at strategic points in ducts inside your room. It also acts as a dehumidifier and keeps the humidity level inside the room to a comfortable level.

These types of air conditioners also employ the zone system through which you can stop the air conditioning of a particular room in your house. An inbuilt thermostat activated by a remote control allows you to regulate the temperature as per your needs. If you want to conserve energy, you can opt for a system containing inverter technology. It is costlier than the normal system but consumes much less energy.

There are a number of brands of ducted air conditioners. The best brand for ducted air conditioning is the brand which is made to perform in the Australian climate. Actron Air build ducted air conditioners specifically made for the Australian climate. Contact us today for a free quote for your Perth home.

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