What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

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You may be more familiar with the term ‘heat pump’ than reverse cycle air conditioning, and that’s fair enough – it’s a mouthful!

Simply put, it’s a type of air conditioning system which cools your home using a refrigeration cycle, and then reverses that process to warm it up. This allows for optimal climate control throughout the year – whatever the temperature.

Even better than that, you can opt for ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Most people are familiar with split air conditioning, or ‘highwall’, where you have a system mounted on the wall, heating or cooling that particular room.

A ducted air conditioning system is the next step up, giving you total control over the temperature of every room in your home just using the one system, with no need for an individual heat pump in every room.

We have put together a quick but comprehensive buying guide to help you understand what is involved in choosing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for your home.

Ducted Air Conditioning System
If you’re looking for whole of home comfort, ducted air conditioning is a great solution.

Why ducted reverse cycle air conditioning?

One system = year-round optimal climate control.

Ducted systems are more energy efficient. When you live in Perth a good air conditioning system is a must but, as you’ve been aware this winter, it can get pretty cold here too.

For most homes, the heat from one system or a fireplace won’t get to every room, so using a ducted system means you can have heat when and where you need it. These systems allow you to create a consistent temperature throughout your house – which is much more comfortable and healthier for you and your family!

What to know when choosing your system.

First off – is this for an existing property or new build?

For a new build, it’s best to gather some important details before getting quotes such as;

  • Your floor plan
  • The ceiling cavity space (if your space is small you can use a slimline system)
  • Do you have a 3-phase power supply? (needed for larger systems)
  • Your existing insulation and energy efficiency
  • Position and size of windows and doors

Incorporating a system into a new build is ideal, but if you are retrospectively adding this to your home don’t stress, installing a ducted system after building is very common and will be suitable for most homes.

How to deal with Australian climates
For most homes, the heat from one system or a fireplace won’t get to every room, so using a ducted system means you can have heat when and where you need it.

What is the cost?

Ducted air conditioning prices will range depending on the size of your home, the type of system you choose, the energy efficiency of the system and construction of your house. Ducting gives you targeted control – you only heat or cool the rooms you are using for the length of time you need it, so you can keep energy costs down.

The installation of a system will usually be upwards of $5,000, but it pays to spend that little bit extra to use a professional who will install a quality system which meets the Australian standard for ductwork (AS 4254). Otherwise, it won’t be as thermally efficient – costing you more money in the long run.

Having an air-conditioned home isn’t a luxury, it’s an important part of maintaining a healthy and comfortable home for you and your family.

If you need more information or assistance with choosing the right air conditioning system for your home, give our experts at Infiniti Air a call.

Infiniti Air is your local Perth ducted air conditioning installers, specializing in helping you live in endless comfort – every day and every season.

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