What Size KW Air Conditioner Do I Need?

What Size KW Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Types of Air Conditioners for Homes and Businesses

When purchasing an Air Conditioner the options can be overwhelming. Firstly, there are several types of Air Conditioners to choose from which will be determined by your objectives and budget. If the type of Air Conditioner you are choosing is a Split System or Ducted Air Conditioning unit, it is important to determine the right size KW air conditioner. If you are wondering What size KW air conditioner do I need? read on below to help determine the optimal size KW air conditioner for your Perth home.

Why Getting the Right Size is Important

According to industry experts, the correct size KW unit is essential for optimal performance and efficiency of your Air Conditioner. If a system is not powerful enough for the intended area then it will place the unit under strain, resulting in higher running costs and possible damage to the system. If a system is too powerful for the zone, you will consume more energy than what is necessary.

Installing an air conditioning unit
When building It is essential that the right size system is determined prior to installation.

What Exactly is a Kilowatt?

When looking for the right AC unit for your property, you will hear the term “Kilowatt” mentioned several times. Kilowatts are basically the amount of power an AC system has. It is usually measured per 1,000 watts — and the higher kilowatt a unit possesses — the better it is for large houses and businesses that require maximum cooling at all times.

It is essential to understand the kilowatt output of all AC units you are reviewing. This enables you to select the right type of system that is properly sized for your home. For example: trying to cool a large home with an AC unit that is not powerful enough will only result in poor performance. Similarly, having a large unit for a smaller home may result in an unbearable cold that will be hard to sustain.

With this in mind, it is imperative to find the best unit that truly meets all desired results. This includes a system that is designed for cost-efficiency, as well as longevity and overall performance. It is advised to consult with a professional HVAC company so you do not purchase the wrong system and simply waste your money.

How Many Kilowatts Will I Need for My House?

While there are different types of air conditioners and brands, the general guide is usually a constant across the cooling and heating industry. This is based on a number of home and ceiling sizes, along with the exact kilowatts (power) needed to effectively cool or heat your property. Most HVAC companies and contractors abide by the following specifications for nearly all AC and heating units installations:

  • Ceiling height at 2.4m: living space area x 150 watts/sqm.
  • Ceiling height at 2.7m: living space area x 160 watts/sqm.
  • Ceiling height at 3.0m: living space area x 175 watts/sqm.

While the above specifications are a general guide — every situation is unique in its own way. In fact, home and business owners may have to locate systems that differ with the size and kilowatt measurements we have listed. This, of course, depends on their location, insulation, and building materials of the house. It can also depend on how much owners want to invest in these systems for the long run. Still, general guides are a great way to determine which units will provide optimal cooling, heating, and energy/cost-efficiency across your property.

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