Which Ducted Air Conditioner is the Best?


In Summer, Perth’s dry heat can regularly soar into heat wave conditions of consistent temperatures above 35 degrees celsius. This dry heat is unparalleled in most cities of the world. As a result many foreign designed ducted reverse cycle air conditioners are simply not built to cope with the Perth summer heatwave conditions. So if you are asking “which ducted air conditioning is the best for Perth” the answer would have to be a ducted air conditioning system that is designed for the unique Australian climate.

The Only Australian Design Air Conditioner

There are many ducted air conditioning systems that make all sorts of claims about great performance and efficiency. There is only one however that is designed in Australia for Australian conditions. If you are looking for the best ducted air conditioning in Perth then you can’t go past the award winning, Australian designed Actron Air ESP ducted air conditioning range.

What Makes Actron ESP Ducted Air Conditioners the Best?

1.Vertical Cooling Fan: Being designed for the Australian climate, Actron ESP systems have a number of features that make them out perform other systems while using less energy. One of the most notable features is the vertical cooling fans which expel warmer air up and away from the unit. Other systems use traditional horizontal cooling fans which means they trap more warm air around the unit and have to work harder for the same result.

2. Zoning Control: Another important feature of Actron ESP systems is smart zoning control. This allows separate control of the temperature of each room. Energy is saved when temperatures are separately maintained in various rooms or “zones” of the home.

3. Inverter Fan Speed Technology: The ESP smart inverter fan technology means that the ESP system can reduce fan speeds based on the number of zones that need to be cooled. This enables a significant reduction in energy consumption as the user is able to make use of the air conditioning system for certain rooms in the home.

4. Actron Connect: Actron connect allows you to control your air conditioner from anywhere from your smart phone. This gives you full control of the unit and the individual zones from anywhere, enabling you to set your system before coming home on a hot day. Or even to check it when you go out and turn the system off if you accidentally left it on.

5. Superior Workmanship: Being an Australian company, you know you are getting superior workmanship and quality with Actron Air Esp Air Conditioners. These quality systems are built to last. When combined with clever design and Australian ingenuity, you get something remarkable that makes your life easier.

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If you are looking for the best ducted air conditioning for Perth, you cannot go past the Actron Air ESP range. They have a range of systems to suit any Perth home or business. We can help you find the system that is right for your situation. Contact us today for free advice and a quote.

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