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Say hello to comfort. Say hello to efficiency. The Actron Serene is a Split System that makes your life easier. Starting from just $990 installed, get a quote for your Perth home today by completing the form.

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Why Serene?

So you need a split system for a room in your home, and you’re not sure where to start? We get it. There’s a lot of choice out there. A lot of noise. But there is a system that we know will make your life easier. Actron Serene. Here’s why:

Looks Great

It goes without saying that this is a good-looking split system air conditioning unit. The Actron Air Serene is all about sleek, clean lines that won’t visually impose on your living spaces.

Quick Results

Turbo Zone Mode means you can quickly get to your desired temperature. Perfect for those freezing cold nights when you just want to get warm fast. Or for those hot summer days when you want to cool down in a hurry.

Air Flow Control

Control precisely where the air flows. Whether it’s up or down, left or right or swing mode. You can set it all from your serene controller.

Fan Speed Precision

With 12 fan speeds to choose from you get more precise control over the air flow into your room. Set it manually or allow the system to set it. The outdoor unit has up to 5 speeds which allows for greater noise reduction and energy efficienc

Lower Maintenance

When set to auto clean, the Serene is automates a four stage cleaning process which removes dust and mould build up on the system.


Unlike other split system aircons where the on/off switch is enclosed and hard to access, the Actron Serene’s on/off switch is easy to access should your remote go missing. It’s just another way this split system air conditioning model has been built to make your life easier.

Integrated LED Display

The LED display is integrated seamlessly into the front panel of the unit. It enables bright, easy to read settings for when it is needed and discreetly dissappears when not required.

Built to Last

The indoor and outdoor coils are coated with epoxy corrosion protection which means your system will last longer. The coating also assists with the defrosting process, enabling the system to heat up faster and more efficiently on those frosty mornings


The system filter removes up to 99% of air particles such as dust and pollen. It also contains bio enzymes which reduce mould, funghi and bacteria from the air. Your home will thank you for it.

Power Cycle Memory

After a power blackout the Serene recalls previously programmed settings when the power comes back online. A super handy feature that many other systems simply do not hav

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