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We Provide the Highest-Quality Service to All Split System Units

We’re Perth’s top split system air conditioning service experts. We provide high-quality services for residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning installations.

Every air conditioner regardless of make or design requires regularservicing to maintain as-new performance levels. Over time your air conditioner picks up dust, moisture, and mould which degrade both its performance and the cleanliness of the air it is pumping out. Regular servicing helps prevent this build-up.

Even in the best-case scenario, an unserviced air conditioner is putting dust and mould into your air – The air you are breathing… As your air conditioner gets dirtier, it also becomes less efficient, which means you’re paying more in electricity for your cool air. Over time, this reduction in efficiency can cost far more than the price of the service required to correct it.

Dirty air and higher bills are the best cases; so what’s the worst case? Simply that repeatedly putting off servicing could result in your air conditioner developing an expensive fault that could have been prevented with a little bit of TLC. If this happens you’ll be facing a big bill. Air conditioning manufacturers normally require you to service your unit regularly to maintain your warranty. If you don’t service your split system air conditioner you’ll need to pay for repairs or a replacement out of your own pocket and that could cost thousands.

The solution is simple: save money, protect your appliance and stay cooler by booking your air conditioning service visit today.

Our Split System Air Conditioning Services

Installation and Commissioning

Our team of trained and licensed engineers are experts at installing and commissioning a wide variety of air conditioners. We recommend the Actron brand for both residential and commercialcustomers.

Regular and Preventative Maintenance

We provide regular maintenance services for our customers helping them to extend the life of their air conditioning unit, prevent avoidable faults, and optimise performance and air quality.


Has something gone wrong? Don’t worry – if it can be fixed, our team can do it. We can troubleshoot and fix a wide variety of air conditioning problems, so you’ll be relaxing in your cool home again in no time.

Perth Customers Trust Infiniti To Deliver a High-Quality Service

We’re the leading split system air conditioning supplier, installer, and servicer in Perth and Western Australia. We’ve built a reputation for great customer service, a highly-knowledgeable team, and our ability to provide highly-effective air conditioning for both commercial and residential clients.

  • Our Free Site Survey is guaranteed gimmick-free. There’s no obligation or pressure to buy!
  • We guarantee our quotes – what we quote is always what you’ll pay.
  • Superb customer service puts you first.
  • Full project management for all jobs – big or small.
  • Highly qualified and experienced team.
  • Fully-insured for all our work.

Our highly trained engineers ensure that your air conditioning is working at peak efficiency so that you can get on with your life in comfort.


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Why Choose Infiniti Air & Solar


We will provide you with a free on-site quote within 48 hours.


Fast installation of the most efficient, innovative and high-performance air conditioners in Perth, Western Australia.


We offer a warranty of up to 10 years on installation and workmanship.


WA's most energy efficient air conditioners, guaranteed! We use Australian designed and made products. All the trades are in-house, which means no sub-contractors.


We’re competitively priced in the market and we are highly regarded for the service and aftercare that we provide.


We have a showroom which allows us to offer the best Actron Air system and solution for every situation. We also provide quick, easy and hassle-free aircon installation, repair, service and maintenance in Perth.

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