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There’s no doubt about it – the air-conditioning industry needs to change. If you haven’t experienced it first-hand, you’ve surely heard the stories. Pushy salesmen, cutting corners, messy tradespeople, power bill-related heart attacks… Unfortunately, that’s what happens when profit becomes your purpose.

At Infiniti Air, we know climate control is about more than just selling air-conditioning – it’s the way it makes your life better. Every time we choose to use quality ducting, we know someone will be sleeping soundly through countless hot summer nights. For every carefully considered outlet location at a restaurant, we know a couple will go home happy after the perfect evening out.

There’s a reason behind every choice we make. And it all comes back to you.

Living the purpose
At Infiniti Air, we educate our workers around the concept of fulfilment. You know, that feeling you get after a job well done? It’s not just about pride and achievement – we genuinely get a kick out of knowing we’re making your life better. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning. This puts us in the right mind frame to approach every job – find the way to do it right.

Seeing the solution
Every job is a new problem we’ve never seen before – and we’re in the best position to solve it. Our guys aren’t just dreaming up some abstract designs in an office sipping chai lattes. We’ve all been in roof cavities. We understand how to design for different rooflines. And we’ll use this experience and knowledge to think up clever solutions. That, and your thoughts too. When you talk to Infiniti Air, be warned – you may be asked a lot of invasive questions like, “What’s important to you?”, and, “How do you like to live?”, or, “What do you think?”. Somehow, we don’t think you’ll mind.

Come visit the Infiniti Air showroom in Malaga and talk to us about what you’re looking for in an air solution.

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