Perth's Tri Capacity Air Conditioning

Energy Efficient Actron Tri Capacity Air Solutions

Tri-capacity offers substantial energy savings and the guarantee of consistent climate control; this unit is built to endure the severe Australian heat and keep buildings comfortably cooler for less. A smart commercial business will look into the benefits of an energy efficient unit like the Actron Tri Capacity. This air conditioning system is second to none when it comes to energy efficient air conditioners for large commercial buildings.

Tri Capacity, on the other hand, has three levels of operating capacity that allows it to keep the climate stable. Operating at either 33%, 67%, and 100% gives the unit greater climate control when the seasonal temperature shifts. These settings mean that less manual adjustments have to be made by the owner and the unit won’t be drawing excess power to meet those demands. In turn, a lowered amount of energy consumption is created which benefits the owner with decreased utility costs.

The Advantages of a Tri Capacity Air Conditioning System

Most commercial air conditioning systems operate on a fixed speed, with two stages. The system can be programmed to operate at 33 percent capacity, or 100 percent capacity, depending on the season. A Tri Capacity system operates more efficiently and has innovative features that cut down on energy costs.

Below are the three stages of operation for tri-capacity commercial air conditioner:

1. More Zones
Other features in Tri Capacity Air Conditioners include more zones for better air circulation in the building. That allows temperatures to remain consistent, and keep costs down.

2. Vertical Exhaust Fans
The outside airflow is directed up and away from the unit, rather than just out like traditional systems. That prevents exhaust air from getting back into the system. Units operate more efficiently and require less maintenance and repairs than traditional units.

3. System KW Size Options
Units are available in sizes that range from forty-two to seventy kilowatts to accommodate businesses of different sizes.


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