Perth's Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning

Cost Efficient Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning System

Commercial Ducted air conditioning system is the best package solution suitable for Western Australia’s retail and light commercial enterprise. That can include doctor’s surgeries, small restaurants, classrooms and offices – in fact, any small business operations that you can name in Perth. So if you are looking for air solutions that offer robust performance, energy efficiency, installation flexibility and highest quality installation services, plus aftercare service and maintenance Commercial Ducted System from Infiniti Air is the best option for you.

We have extensive experience in the air conditioning industry and fact, we have won the best Actron Air Dealer of the Year Award for three consecutive years now. One of our goals is to continue helping small business thrive by providing them with the most energy efficient air conditioning solutions that will allow them to save thousands of dollars – year in year out.

Commercial Ducted Air Conditioning


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