Air Conditioning News


Installation Tips For Your Ducted Air Conditioner


How To Choose The Right Type of Air Conditioning For Your Home


How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?


7 Factors That Influence Air Con Prices in Perth


New Homes Guide TV Featuring Infiniti Air & Solar Team

If you’re looking for whole of home comfort, ducted air conditioning is a great solution.

What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?


Infiniti Air – Actron Award Winners 2017

Set your Electronic thermostat right to save on air conditioning expenses

5 Common Air Conditioner Problems

Tru-Inverter Air Conditioner

What Is An Inverter Air Conditioner

Actron Connect Features - Colour coding makes it easy for you to choose the function you wish to access

Actron Connect Helps Manage Your Air Conditioning Needs

Thinking about the air conditioner as a fan is not entirely wrong, as it is always special fitted with fans as a way to pump this cooled or heated air around the desired space.

How Does Air Conditioning Work?


Dealing with Heat Waves

Actron Que Wall Controller

Actron Que AC Controller Interface

VRF Air Conditioner

VRF Air Conditioning Technology


Which Air Conditioner Brand is Best for Perth?

Types Of Air Conditioners

What Are The Types Of Air Conditioners

Air Conditioning Installation

What Size KW Air Conditioner Do I Need?


Don’t Waste Your Hot Air, Recycle It With Air Transfer Kits


Plastic Air Diffusion For Residential Buildings


Actron Air Reviews


Which Ducted Air Conditioner is the Best?


Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

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